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Star Kinesis debut at Denver Comic Convention


Denver, June 13, 2017 - Star Kinesis is a 3D Mobile/Desktop tactical Strategy Sci Fi game designed to provide fast and engaging gameplay.

Star Kinesis is the first chapter of a persistent new universe, the V-Verse, giving a new meaning to ‘drone combat’ and stellar warfare. You will play as a commander in charge of a Modular Multi-role Carrier (MMC) base and have to salvage, craft, equip, upgrade and customize your deployable forces with millions of combat and noncombat combinations. You will engage players and NPC’s on the battlefield and are only loyal to your faction. Star Kinesis will pit military forces against the corporate alliance and rogue organizations in an all out brawl for the system while completing the storyline missions leading to an inspiring revelation of our existence.

“I don't know how one person could make this deep of a game” said Dia Alviar. Jaden A. stated “One of the coolest looking games on mobile”. Dave N. said “If this is the start of the universe, I can't wait to see the end”.

Star Kinesis offers 4 Carrier chassis’ and a base with 5 upgrade ranks unique for both factions. 4 categories and dozens of modifications each with 3 ranks all with unique looks for both factions. Each carrier is balanced out power wise to not become obsolete at max rank. A crafting, vendor, mining and refining real time system designed to give the player countless hours of entertainment. Assets are permanently destroyed if lost and will need to be replaced, so a wise and vigilant player will prosper, Especially in PVP. Public debut will be at the Denver Comic Convention 2017 early July, Beta will begin within that week and release will be shortly after that on mobile platforms. The Star Kinesis booth will be on the main convention floor in the indie digital game section organized by Boulder Games. There will be multiple playable devices loaded with Star Kinesis with tasks and give aways for anyone interested in trying it out. Patches, pins and codes for free enviromental packages in game will be handed out.

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About Just Some Veterans
We consist of two veterans, the lead developer and a financial/moral supporter who provides much needed feedback. Star Kinesis is just the beginning as the universe has already been written out for at least 4 games worth of content. JSVeterans was created as a result of being retired and unable to work outside of a personal computer. We decided to educate ourselves and simply create something comparable to AAA titles. We have learned many lessons along the way and are always evolving. But our mission is to at least create 3 major titles that are connected at bare minimum and see where we are at that point. As X-soldiers, we don't give up on missions and this is no exception. If anyone is interested in supporting JSVeterans, the V-Verse or Star Kinesis they can do so on Patreon.

Name: Gaspar Manka
Mobile: 720-256-8382
Email: gmanka@ymail.com
URL: http://www.jsveterans.com/

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