About 3 years ago I embarked on a journey, I wanted to get all my friends or family together and create a small company where everyone helps out where they can but I would end up doing the leg work. In turn they would get a percentage of the company and if we ever started to become profitable they would recieve that portion of the profits. This ended taking longer then expected since people apperently have no faith or motivation. So after 2 1/2 years of school and 5 months of 20 hour days I have created the first real title of a universe I designed years ago.

Now only one remains! Thanks to Dave for having faith and helping out where you could regardless of your requirements in life.

  But now the time has come, with the extensive knowledge I have accruied over the past years Star Kinesis is now a reality. Everything I wanted in a title is done and will represent grit and determination in the face of a very demoralizing period of my life. But this is a dream, a passion and being X-Military I wasn't going to just let it go... So dispite all the barriers set before us we have produced a product with many features that have AAA qualities. It will take time to get the groove down and expand in personel assuming we produce revenue, but as we move into the future rest assured titles wont take 5 months for 1 person to create. Or be silent and focused during that period. The time has come for us to show the world this story. And in lue of this new found knowledge its only fitting we have a new found image. And I can only hope people enjoy our products, concepts and story as much as I have designing it.


Well first, Beta for Star Kinesis. Then Denver Comic Con while hopefully working out all the kinks. Next will be expanding the story, factions and assets available in Star Kinesis. This will be a "build up" period for us as well. If we are able to start producing revenue it will be funneled back into the company to help with personnel expansion and AW2.

If all goes according to plan there will be a major focus on a cross universe game that will share a multitude of features explained if a few videos below. This will progress the story, allow for stat increases from other volumes and also creating cross game/genre/mechanics in seperate but connected titles. Imagine playing 3d Chess and the volumes within the universe being the different plains that you are moving pieces on. This is the best way I can explain it with just words but rest assured in the end it will be a unique system that is only available through JSV. So stay tuned on our progress!


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