We are dedicated to making our products available for as many platforms as we can. At the present moment Sol System is only available for Android but that will change shortly. As far as Star Kinesis, it is designed for every platform from mobile to web browser to PC. We will also build for apple devices and if we can, for blackberry. This is yet to be seen if its within our capability. All builds will share an account and quality settings will increase the "chaos" of gameplay and player count in a match in addition to the visual differences.


Star Kinesis is a multi-player, multi-plaform, multi-genre tactical space simulator. The first chapter in the V-Verse saga Check out the links below!



Currently Sol System-Humanity's Exploration of the Stars is available for download as a free, small educational app. It is a narrated and modeled interactive app that shows what humanity has done in our existance. From spudnik to the discovery probe landing on mars. Its a fun, light app to educate how far we have come!


The ground work is set for this universe designed years back, and now its time to start the saga... Check out the story below!



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