V-Verse Cinematics - August 22

Star Kinesis BETA is available! Its not ready for a final full launch yet but its close! In the meantime try it out on 4 platforms including Android with the leaderboard, achievement and in app store systems functional! (And yes, any purchases during Beta will be retained and a large portion will be donated to AW2 and other local veteran charities).

Its worth noting that we had a death in the family where my wife is leaving for a while and I am starting school for BAH. So I will do my best but it will be tough for me to focus vast amounts of time to SK for the next week or two.

V-Verse Cinematics - July 17

With the surgery a success and DCC now in the past I am pleased to say that we are moving forward in many ways! From finalizing Star Kinesis to creating the Veterans Universe cinematics starting with the first Prologue below! We are getting close to the finish line and with an expected launch in early August we are moving full steam ahead! Thank you all for your support especially at Denver Comic Con!


Between physical issues limiting me lately, refinement of SK to work right at DCC and prepping all the giveaways I have been overwhelmed to say the least. I'll keep you posted!

denver comic con


Denver Comic Con is on the horizon! Star Kinesis is likely to be release just prior to the event. We have a booth on the main show floor to show the world what we have accomplished. DCC at June 31-Jul 3rd, come visit!


boulder gamesThe precurser to this company stopped in a couple years ago, now we are going with a new image, new product and new vigor. Can't wait to setup shop again! All thanks to Boulder Games and their everlasting commitment to local Indie devs. So thank you BG for this and cant wait to see you there!


Star Kinesis is completed! Currently major bugs are being ironed out and testing is taking place, as well as additional assets are being populated. The alpha signup and SK info pages below!


Currently Sol System-Humanity's Exploration of the Stars is available for download as a free, small educational app. It is a narrated and modeled interactive app that shows what humanity has done in our existance. From spudnik to the discovery probe landing on mars. Its a fun, light app to educate how far we have come!


Applied all UI reducing settings to now mitigate the clutter for the player.
Adjusted responsiveness of the UI
Added sillouette for damage taken
Finished getting the multiplayer systems working.
Recently I have implemented several large and small changes to SK. The current list:
Particle ship animations in the system overview
Damage relay system optimization
Base carrier asset score/salvage score outputs
Base current carrier stat outputs
AMS system fixes
Multiple flare system fixes
Cap particle animation fixes
Engine cover animation fixes
Play realtime stat readout
Buff icon system completion
LBAY small ship fixes
Main/Sec objective buttons added
Play camera movement speed dramatically increased
Asset score fixes added(incomplete)
Mod deaths now applied to armor models if skipped
AI self defeating system to avoid hangups added
HP bar fixes added to include damage input/output






That is a long answer that will be addressed throughout this site, but to sum it up: Expand SK with more options, upgrades, factions and story. Then to Vol. II. We will create additional games that share statistics, gameplay objectives, and multiplayer experiences with vastly different game types and genres (the framework for this is already planned and created). So rest assured, it will be done...



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